Canadian Mist Whiskey, 12/1L

Yellow caramel

Sickly medicinal and caramel heavy followed by watery butterscotch, waxy candy corn and artificial sweetener run rampant. An astringent, cleaner like, overripe citrus mixes with root beer taffy in the background and a turpentine underpinning holds everything up.

Same medicinal caramel and overripe, cleaner like, citrus blend with some burnt toffee and raw grain. A thick note of raw alcohol and butterscotch limp their way over the palate dragging something oily, dirty and mechanical behind them.

Again that medicinal caramel rears is cloying head and is accompanied by artificial sweetener and a watery maple syrup that lasts for far too long.


Made In:Canada

By:Brown-Forman Louisville Operations